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Psalm 111:7 - The works of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy.

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Building Trusted Networks


Building a More Resilient Nation

In our 21st Century Knowledge Economy Institutions of faith gather people of character and belief.  Public/Private Partnerships that bring community infrastructure through industry requires governance and oversight.

The CEBOT's Global Resilience Industry Seminar is open to church leaders who are mission focused on transformation thrugh faith and action.  Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) , workforce adjudication and contracting will be discussed.  Virtual workshop includes discovery session with CEBOT Fellows and Sr. Fellows. 

Opportunity Fund development strategies include faith based joint venture formation with investment and public capital.  

Regional Growth Algorithms

Economic Equalization

Education alignment along with an applied research approach, where industry is partnered and part of the learning ecosystem.  Longitudinal research on intermediary methodologies designed to  yield investment returns, community trust and citizen benefit.

 Industry approach to reduced poverty and increase employment

Innovation, learning, research and jobs are fostered by investment and business growth.  The public sector can play an essential role in supporting economic development programs that foster innovation, collaboration which leverages private capital and creates community resilience

Research is underway with university, government and NGO partners to mitigate moral hazard and reduce information asymmetry through governed knowledge management. 

Community collaboration, consensus and concessions are sourced from the value of economic equalization and faith built from the truth that we are stronger together.

The Council Exchange Board of Trade works toward harmonizing outcomes.

Regional Innovation Ecosystem


Economic Equalization

The Power of Passion

Church growth has been correlated to the extent to which the congregation "has a clear mission and purpose".    Congregations that are spiritually vital and alive tend to understand that faith based organizations can provide to communities in ways that no other organization in society can.

Not only is church the moral beacon for their community, they can be a source for purpose and passion.   As vital congregations and church leaders move to understand their community needs more will embrace the growing need for workforce development and education scaffolding.   

Central to congregational vitality is the need to embrace change.  Churches need to understand how the world is changing beyond email and social media.  Building a thriving congregation in the 21st Century needs to include a passion for learning and exploring how God's mission is connected to the world of work.  

Council Exchange Board of Trade

Rising Tide Academy

Rising Tide Academy

Home Ownership

High Growth - High Demand Jobs

The technology industry is hiring

Providing Access to the Knowledge Economy

When church growth and vitality are linked to recruitment and retention clergy and congregational leaders can look to community health and well being. 

Ministries that target young adults with growing families need to consider identifying with the changing nature of work.  Working virtually,  more frequent job changes, growing entrepreneurial/ownership vs employment, and the growing desire for lifestyle based decisions are but a few examples.

As church leaders begin to consider the social context of family, community and house of worship there is an opportunity to build constructs around the need for emotional support and an inclusive culture that builds on the wider communities need for connectivity and resources. 

Work-life is a central source of schedule conflict for both church leaders and parishioners alike. 

VCAN works to better integrate community work life with church though small groups,  virtual/in church education classes and the creation of one-on-one mentorships that assist the congregation and community better understand the convergence of the world of work, faith, hope and love.

Regardless of the size of your church VCAN can bring a new conversation about inclusion and opportunity.  VCAN asks church leaders to consider how the knowledge economy and a purpose filled congregation can  be a source of new members and new outcomes like home ownership. 

An Overview of the Federal Grants Process

Guidance to Faith Based and Community Organizations

Do's and Don'ts for Faith-Based Organizations

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